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The 5 Best Golf Tees

August 3, 2021 Golf Gear 0 Comments

Most people don’t realize that the little peg that holds your ball can affect your game. Some golfers choose to forgo the tee entirely, but you should use...

Best Golf Rangefinders

Best Golf Rangefinders

June 17, 2021 Golf Gear 1 Comment

Golf rangefinders allow you to sight your next shot quickly, and determine the distance from one spot to another, even on courses you have never played before. Whether...

Best Golf Drivers

Best Golf Drivers

June 16, 2021 Golf Gear 0 Comments

A golf driver can set the tone for your golf game and is the easiest way to improve it. The golf driver provides the most distance of any...

Best Women’s Golf Shoes

Best Women’s Golf Clubs

March 17, 2021 Golf Gear 0 Comments

It seems the golf market is saturated with countless men's golf club choices while the number of women's golf clubs is considerably less. The technology is similar for...

Best Golf Simulators

Best Golf Simulators

February 6, 2021 Golf Gear 2 Comments

Golf simulators allow you to enjoy golf without visiting a golf course. With advances in technology, golf simulators are becoming increasingly realistic and are providing golfers a legitimate...

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

June 17, 2019 Golf Gear 0 Comments

The attributes of long range clubs can be combined into what is known as a hybrid club. This usually combines characteristics of both a fairway and an iron....