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5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers

June 15, 2019


5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers

Are you looking for ways to improve your game? Your swing probably isn’t perfect yet, and you can use some sophisticated tools to assess the way you swing and provide you with some information on what you might be doing wrong.

Modern swing analyzers are able to relay all sorts of information that can prove useful when you want to play a better game. Sometimes it helps to turn to science for assistance in upping your game, and we are going to show you how to buy the best golf swing analyzers.

Quick Links: Top 3 Best Golf Swing Analyzers

  1. Best of the Best: Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer
  2. Runner Up: Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer
  3. Best Affordable: Garmin TruSwing Golf Club Sensor
  • Tons of features to help you improve your swing
  • Replay lets you see your swings over and over
  • Coaches you on how to play better
  • Updated to give you more features
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Offers lots of data collection
  • Works with just about any device
  • Offers all sorts of metric data
  • Lets you watch videos of your swing after use

Best Rated Golf Swing Analyzers Reviewed

We’ve given you the information you need to pick a good golf swing analyzer, and now we want to share with you a few of our top picks. These are analyzers we have looked at ourselves and compared to the others on the market to ensure you are getting the very best. We hope one of these will prove to be exactly what you need to improve your game.

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer


  • Tons of features to help you improve your swing.
  • Replay lets you see your swings over and over.
  • Coaches you on how to play better.


  • Doesn’t always connect like it should.

This tool will measure the swing speed, tempo, backswing length and club plane, among other things. It also includes a smart coaching feature that instructs you on what changes you need to make to improve your swing. You can even go back and replay your swings from different angles with the full capabilities of this analyzer, making it one of the most robust tools of its kind on the market.

It retails for around $200, so the price tag is fairly robust as well. The only serious problem with this model is that it sometimes has trouble connecting, which means it may not give you any information at all if the conditions are poor.

Blast Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer


  • Updated to give you more features.
  • Works with Android and iOS.
  • Offers lots of data collection.
  • Gives you tips on how to improve.


  • Not compatible with tablets and some newer phones.

This professionally designed analyzer comes at a lower price tag than the Zepp, and it attaches to the end of the club.

It does a great job of analyzing your swing data and relaying it to you, covering a variety of metrics that will help you assess how you are doing. It also provides insights that will enable you to play better. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and it comes with a 2017 update that ensures speedy operation and valuable metrics.

Garmin TruSwing Golf Club Sensor


  • Works with just about any device.
  • Offers all sorts of metric data.
  • Lets you watch videos of your swing after use.


  • Slips occasionally on the iron.

Some golf swing analyzers won’t work with tablets or other devices that you would think would be compatible, but the Garmin TruSwing analyzer will work with tablets, phones of all kinds and even some smart watches.

It attaches to the underside of the grip on your club and feeds your compatible device data on swing speed, club path, swing tempo, shaft angle, shaft lean and more. You can even view 3-D videos of your swing after you use this device, giving you a detailed look at how you play and what you might be able to do to improve your swings.

Skygolf SkyPro


  • Designed to be lightweight and practically unnoticeable.
  • Improves your skills with drills and swing alerts.


  • Can get pretty expensive, depending on what version you choose.

This is another club analyzer, fitting just below your grip to keep the disturbance to a minimum.

It offers practice drills that help you work on your swing and get your skills up to where you want them to be. The adaptive alert system that is included will let you know when you are going outside normal swing parameters and help you fix some of your swing problems. It only weighs about 23 grams and offers some visual tools to help you see how your swings look from another angle.

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3Bays GSA- Zone Swing Analyzer


  • Connects to a variety of devices.
  • Offers coaching tools to help you improve.


  • May take some getting used to.
  • Works a bit slow at times.

With this analyzing tool, you can link to your Android device, iPad or iPhone. It gives you data on your release point and where the optimal point would be, as well as all the typical features like measuring swing speed and tempo.

It also provides visual tools that show you how you are swinging and what you might want to do to change your swing for the better. It can be a bit finicky to work with, as you may need to wait between swings or stance changes for the analyzer to catch up with you and prepare for the next swing.

How a Good Golf Swing Analyzer Improves Your Game

Analyzers give you a way to learn about your swinging strengths and weaknesses. They help evaluate you in ways that you may not be able to do on your own, and you can find out the major and minor faults in your golf swing. This allows you to improve your game, making adjustments as necessary to correct flaws.

If you know where your weaknesses lie, then you can do something about them, and you may discover problems with the way you swing that you did not even notice before.

The best kinds of analyzers are hardly noticeable at all, and their lightweight design allows them to fit comfortably and not get in the way of your game. You can connect them to your phone or other compatible device and get a readout that tells you what you are doing right and what you need to work on based on unbiased information. That ensures that you are able to make the changes necessary to play better.

What to Consider before You Buy

There are some key factors you want to keep in mind as you look to buy the best golf swing analyzer. The following will all prove useful in finding the right equipment:

  • How It Attaches- There are two types of wearable golf swing analyzers. One kind attaches to your glove and the other attaches to your golf club. You’ll have to figure out what kind you want. They can both provide the same kinds of information, but one kind may be more comfortable for you or less likely to be damaged as you play.
  • Compatibility- Typically, most golf swing analyzers will be compatible with either iOS or an Android devices, according to Obviously, you will want to pick whichever kind you have a device for. If you don’t have a compatible device, then look forward to what you may be getting in the future to determine what kind of analyzer you want to go with. If you get the wrong kind of analyzer, then it won’t do you much good, since they are not usually designed to provide information to anything but a separate, compatible device.
  • Features- How the analyzer assesses your swings and the information it relays to you are what will separate it from the other analyzers. You want something that can give you detailed information, and if it lacks the features you need, you will just be wasting your money with it. You have to know a lot about your swings if you are going to get better, so the more information the analyzer provides, the better.
  • Consider Using a Launch Monitor- Similar to the wearable golf swing analyzer, the golf launch monitor will assess your swings and give you detailed information about how you play. Unlike wearable analyzers, this one sits on the ground, which offers some benefits. Foresight Sports recommends launch monitors over wearable analyzers because they cause less discomfort and are less likely to throw off your swing. Plus, they can often provide more detailed or more accurate information.

What to Avoid

We have seen golfers make some mistakes when it comes to choosing the best golf swing analyzer. We would like to help you avoid making those same mistakes, so we are pointing out a few things you should not do:

  • Buying an Expensive Analyzer- You want to get better at golf, and you are likely buying the analyzer to help you do that, but these small tools can only provide you with so much value. There isn’t much point in paying a lot for one of these if you are only going to get limited assistance from it. Be careful about buying the most expensive one, as that can lead to you feeling you wasted your money on features you don’t need.
  • Heavy Models- If you are going with a wearable analyzer, then you need to consider how that will impact your game. This is something you wear on your wrist that may affect your swing or attach to the club that will change its weight and balance slightly. The Golf Club of Seguin advises you to carefully consider the weight of the device you will be using. If you are buying online, then look at the weight of what you will be purchasing and attach something of a similar weight onto your hand or club and see how you swing with that to get an idea of whether the analyzer will be too heavy or not.
  • Inaccurate Analyzers- Not all analyzers will be top quality devices that give you accurate readings. Some of them will only estimate a reading and not provide you with enough useful data for you to make changes to the way you play. You’ll want to read some reviews and do some research before you settle on one, as an inaccurate analyzer won’t just be a waste of money. It could also hurt your game and make you play worse in the end.
  • Uncomfortable Analyzers- Some golf swing analyzers are just not very comfortable to wear. They attach in such a way that they chafe, itch or pull too much. They can get in the way of a great golf swing and make it unpleasant for you to wear them for very long, defeating their entire purpose. A good analyzer will feel like it is hardly even there, and reading reviews before you buy is a good way to determine how comfortable the analyzer will be.


Now that you know a whole lot more about golf swing analyzers, you should feel more confident in picking one out for you to use personally. Once you get the hang of this incredibly useful tool, you should start to see some improvement in your game. Having a high quality one makes all the difference, though, which is why it is so important to sort through your options before you make a purchase.


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